Lost Childhood
Holocaust Child Survivors


    Committed to achieve the compensation for "deprived childhood"
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During the past three years the members of the "Lost Childhood" committee

have focused their efforts on obtaining compensation for the childhood deprivation of Holocaust child survivors.  

The website of the Lost Childhood association was created for the benefit of the Holocaust child survivors. It serves as a sounding board for individual members, providing updated progress reports as well as enabling discussion among members and supplying reliable information about issues of special interest for the group as a whole.

The Lost Childhood association was founded with one purpose in mind: to obtain appropriate compensation from the German government for the childhood deprivation suffered by Holocaust child survivors.  

To realize this objective the Association has developed a consolidated action plan and is working energetically towards its implementation.   

Based on our experience with German decision makers and various negotiating bodies we have reached the conclusion that only an organization dedicated exclusively to the issue of compensation for Holocaust child survivors, which represents and is fully supported by the "Children", will be able to obtain what never before has been obtained for us.   

Since our impact is entirely dependent on the support of the "Holocaust children", we urge you to join the Lost Childhood – Holocaust Child Survivors association. 

We will be able to act by ourselves without intermediaries thanks to your membership and the mandate you'll give us to obtain the compensation. (Member brings member).  

We can do it  

Nobody else will do it for us

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