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Rosa's ChildOne Woman's Search for Her Past

Front Cover
I.B.Tauris, 1996 - Biography & Autobiography - 159 pages
Liverpool Street Station, London, May 1939: A 3-year-old Jewish child and her twin sister, just arrived in the Kindertransport evacuating Jewish children from Germany, await the start of a new life. Adopted by a childless Welsh Baptist minister and his wife, Susi Bechhofer and her sister Lotte are given a new identity. In an attempt to erase all traces of their previous existence, Susi is renamed Grace and Lotte becomes Eunice. Only fifty years later does Grace Stocken, a Christian, and former nursing sister living in Rugby, discover the terrible truth about her background: she is the daughter of Rosa Bechhofer, a young Jewish woman who perished in the gas chambers of Auschwitz. The discovery of her real identity propels Grace - now once again calling herself Susi, the name given by Rosa - on a painful and courageous quest in search of her past and for the surviving members of her natural family. In Munich she learns the truth about her father, including details of his service as a soldier for the Fuhrer during the war years. She finds Orthodox-Jewish cousins in New York and a non-Jewish half sister in Germany. In the course of her quest, she confronts a dark secret from her own past: the psychological and sexual abuse she endured as a child from the Baptist minister who adopted her. In the light of these shattering revelations Susi urgently needed to reappraise her life and most of all shed her status as a victim. Now a practising psychotherapist she has come to terms with her past, but the memory of Rosa, the mother she never knew, will always be with her.
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