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Children of the Holocaust

כריכה קדמיתGripping. Harrowing. Triumphant. These true stories of survival will inspire you.
Allan Zullo
Scholastic Inc., 2011 - 179 עמודים

By her ninth birthday, Halina Litman understood what her Jewish faith meant to the German occupiers of her town: death. Would she be able to escape?Follow Halina's remarkable story, along with other captivating, true-life accounts of children in the Holocaust. These urvivors put up secret resistance, used false identities, and deceived the Nazis. Thanks to the kindness of others and their own inner strength, these children found a way to make it through the horrors of the war.

From the author of Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust, this is another stirring collection that will captivate readers and remind them of the power of hope.

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