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Dear Members,

I wish to update you about developments since I last wrote.

Since we started our activities, we became stronger, and we now have nearly two thousand members and new members continue to join us.

In October 2009 we extended our hand to the Centre of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel, and requested to join their ranks.

For reasons known only to them, we have not yet received a positive response, even though 6 months have passed. 

  1. We have strengthened our status in the Parliamentary Association for Holocaust Survivors, and have intensified our activities to further the interests of child survivors.
  2. Our association’s Economic Committee has concluded its work and submitted the Financial Report, which will be the basis of our demands for compensation for the intense suffering we underwent as helpless children who continue to bear the scars for the rest of our lives.
  3. The reports prepared by the professional committees (Psycho-social, Medical and Economic) will be submitted as follows: 
    * To the Claims Conference and the German Government as a basis to demand compensation for the harsh financial damage we suffered: for setback to our education, difficulties of absorption into the work force and the consequent difficulty to achieve our earning potential. 
    * To the Claims Conference and the Israeli Government to demand an increase in the compensation for child survivors.
  4. I met with a number of influential officials in Germany, including the powerful Prime Minister of Bavaria; with the secretary of the ruling party – CSU; and with officers in the Finance department. Unfortunately, a meeting with the Finance Minister was cancelled at the last minute because of unscheduled surgery which he had to undergo. I am waiting for a new date for the meeting.
  6. I met with a number of journalists who represent the three most important newspapers in Germany, and we expect to see in the near future articles which will influence public opinion.

In order to increase the pressure to achieve our objectives, we are considering the possibility of initiating class action in the name of “Holocaust Children” through the American members of our association. Past experience indicates that the Germans prefer to compromise, and not to enter into legal battles with American citizens in American courts.

We are taking these steps because the Claims Conference is ignoring our legitimate demand

to participate in negotiations on compensation for Child Survivors. 

Obviously we are ready to cooperate with any organization providing we have suitable representation in all stages of the negotiations. 

In view of the above, we are endeavoring to enlist additional members, and to update our list of members before submitting it to the German authorities together with our claims. 

Our association’s website has received many compliments, and is continually updated with news about our members, and cultural activities designed to heighten the awareness of our lost childhood.

We advise everyone to enter our website: www.ylas.org to keep updated, and to participate in the forum to express your opinions, requests and responses. We request members to send us their e-mail addresses so we can keep you informed. 

With my best Wishes, 

Yochanan Ron

Chairman “Lost Childhood - Holocaust Child Survivors” 

I take this opportunity to inform you that in accordance with the decision of the board, a general meeting will be held in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, 25 May, 2010. Members who wish to attend are requested to inform us so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. 

I wish to remind you to pay your membership fees. Any additional sum which will help us achieve our objectives will be received with gratitude.

Payment can be made by check to the association,  

Best wishes, 

Asher Blumberger

General Manager. 

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