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1943 The Lost Year

It is years that Jacky Barkan is trying to find the year 1943, a missing year in his life.  A year in which he was hidden, during the war in Belgium, as a small child with anonymous people. All that Jacky remembered, where some blurred pictures of a house in Bruges, a family with two children,  a cupboard in which he had to hide when it was dangerous and a high window, through which he could see the German army trucks. After 57 years, a wonderful woman was surprisingly discovered, a Righteous among the Nations, Miss. De Meulemeester, who is over 90 years old today and her sister Madeleine who passed away in 1966. They were the ones who have hidden little Jacky in the house of one of their brothers, in the Saint Croix quarter near the town of Bruges. Jacky Barkan is a senior director at the Israel Educational Television for about 30 years. He is married to Judy, a choreographer and teacher of dance, and they have a daughter Inbal. In December 2000 Jacky took a journey with his wife Judy to observe from a closer distance the remains of his childhood lost memories. The film is a co-production between Videocam from Belgium and its manager producer/director, Georges Kamanayo the Israel Educational Television and the Belgian VRT. 
Original music composed by Nachum Heiman and by Dror Alexander.
Original lyrics, in French, for the title song where written by Jacky Barkan.
Lyrics for the English and Hebrew version where written by Ehud Manor.

Genre: Documentary – Length: 51 min. – Language: Hebrew, French, English.
State: Israel & Belgium – Script & Director: Georges Kamanayo – Paricipants: Patje : Matthias Duart, Mother : Michaela Verbruggen,   Marcelle : Mady Maerckaert, Madeleine : Martine Verboven, Soldier 1 : Tony VerbruggenSoldier 2 :  Johnny Huysser, Nun : Karin Lanckriet Coproduction: Videocam – Belgium and the Israel Educational Television First Broadcast on Television: April 2002 

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