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JACKY BARKAN - And thou shalt love thy neighbour
(A documentary film on the Righteous among the Nations)

The film And Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbour explores, through personal stories, the opposing dynamics involved in taking life. And saving life. The film describes how love was sustained in the midst of terrible conditions. These are the stories of Stasys Sviderskis, from Lithuania who saved children at a Holiday camp. Ida Lenti from Italy, who saved three brothers, Stanislawa Pikula Kolacz from Poland who saved an entire family. They represent more then 17.000 Righteous among the Nations. Each character depicted in the film, inspires and enlightens us. During the research for this documentary, 
Jacky Barkan, the Director of the film, discovers that in April 1943, on Transport No. 20, from Maline, in Belgium, to Auschwitz. were also Hanna & Benjamin Blacherman the parents of Jacky Barkan. 231 Jews from Transport No.20, where liberated. Jacky’s parents were not saved and died in Auschwitz. Robert Maistriau from Belgium, was in the Résistance and took part in the underground operation on Transport No. 20. The ties between Jacky and Robert where discovered during the shooting of the film. A special relation of saver and survivor was developed between the two.

Genre: Documentary – Length: 40 min. – Language: Hebrew, French, Italian, Polish, English.
State: Israel – Script & Director: Jacky Barkan – Paricipants: Robert Maistriau, Belgium; Stasis Svidarskis; Lituania, Ida Lenti; Italy, Zvi Yanai & Yehudith Edel; Israel, Miriam Lizeti Colombi; London, Stanislava Kolash; Poland, Eli Zburovski; USA.
Coproduction: The Israeli Film Service, Yad Vashem, The Israel Educational Television.
First Broadcast on Television: April 1999 

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