Lost Childhood
Holocaust Child Survivors


    Committed to achieve the compensation for "deprived childhood"
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Membership form and Personal Questionnaire

I hereby confirm my membership in 'Deprived Childhood" and agree to abide by the Association regulations and its stated objectives. 

Please support our work by transferring your member fee in the sum of NIS 50. We would be grateful for any additional sum, beyond the basic fee, if possible.  

Attached is my Cheque in the amount of: 

Payment can be by cheque to Deprived Childhood. Holocaust Children Survivors [registered Association] P.O.B 3528 Ramat Hasharon 47134, Israel 

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'ילדות אבודה' ת.ד. 3528 רמת השרון 47134 טלפון                054-2233354         054-2233354 פקס. 03-5401035
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