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    Committed to achieve the compensation for "deprived childhood"
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Structure & Objectives of the LCCS
(Lost Childhood - Children Survivor)
The LCCS association was founded in order to obtain appropriate compensation for child survivors of the Holocaust, who was deprived of their childhood.
The LCCS took upon itself to achieve four objectives
  1. Holocaust orphans should be entitled to the same compensation granted to Wehrmacht and Waffen SS orphans. 
  1. Standard recognized compensation of all child survivors due to impaired income capacity. 
  1. Standard recognized pension for the emotional and physical damage which - due to the child survivor's young age – has been so exceptionally severe. 
  1. Annulment of deadline for child survivor claims and granting the right of filing individual claims - medical and other claims included - to which they are individually entitled and which they were unable to claim because of missed deadlines.

The following expert committees were established for further consolidation and corroborating of our claims:
  • Psychosocial committee
  • Medical committee
  • Economic committee
  • Legal committee

The Scientific and professional committees 

Psychosocial committee

  Specialists in fields concerned with child development, specialists in psychiatry, psychology, and trauma with the knowledge and expertise required for evaluating long-term emotional and physiological damage resulting from a deprived childhood. The committee includes the following experts:

  • Prof. Zehava Solomon: Winner of the Israel prize for social work research 2009: Committee Chairman, Tel Aviv University, World renovated researcher and expert on the post trauma effect.  
  • Prof. Haim Dasberg: Psychiatrist. World renovated researcher of distressed childhood.
  • Dr. Daniel Brum: psychologist, director of the Israeli centre of the treatment of psycho trauma in Jerusalem, Recognized Holocaust expert.
  • Prof. Yitzhak Levav: Israel Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) – expert in mental health and internationally-renowned researcher in the field of Holocaust children.
  • Dr. Nathan Durst: Psychologist. One of the founders and scientific director of the "Amcha" Association. Author of many papers in the field of Holocaust children survivors
  • Prof, Charles Grinbaum: Developmental psychologist. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. World renovated researcher in Children's Risks and Children's Rights.

Medical committee

  Specialists in fields concerned with long-term physiological effects on people who have suffered in childhood from starvation, malnutrition, intestinal diseases, pulmonary diseases, head lice, etc. and specialists with the knowledge and expertise required for evaluating long-term emotional and physiological damage resulting from a deprived childhood.

  • Prof. Saul Shasha, committee chairman: Formerly CEO of Naharia Hospital, world-renowned researcher of starvation-related diseases.
  • Prof. Avi Ohri: Prof. of rehabilitation Medicine, Sakler Faculty of Medicine Tel Aviv University. Director of Rehabilitation Rabin Medical Center in Tel Aviv, researcher of damages in early childhood.   
  • Prof. Yehuda Danon: Founding director and first CEO of the Schneider Children's Medical centre, he is one of Israel's leading physicians, Professor of Pediatrics, Tel Aviv University (TAU) Sackler School of Medicine and Director, Kipper Institute of Immunology at SCMCI; Chief Medical Officer – IDF.
  • Dr. Uzi Raviv: Children physician, Expert in children medicine    chief physician of clinical pediatric
  • Prof. Sofia Ish-Shalom: Director, Bone and Mineral Metabolism unit Rambam health center campus Haifa. Involved in diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and bone diseases, she is also head of the Governmental Committee for Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases.
  • Dr. Arie Jagoda: Expert physician in Gynecology and birth, Major expert in the female organ.

   Economic committee

  Specialists in economics and actuarial science, who will quantify the findings of the aforesaid team of medical experts and evaluate the economic damage caused by the findings, putting a price tag on each. The "Deprived Childhood" committee includes the following experts:

  • David Boas: committee chairman. Formerly director of Budget Division of the Treasury. Chairman of many economic committees. Owner of a private Business & economic consultation office.
  • Dr. Jacob Weiss: Formerly Head of the economics faculty in the Academic branch of the College of Administration. Member of the International Monetary Fund (INF) for the Pacific nations.
  • Abraham Bar Or: Actuary,

Legal committee

  Jurists with expertise in international law related to protection of child rights. International legal experts in the area of torts and experts in negotiations of the scope and on the political level required. 

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