Lost Childhood
Holocaust Child Survivors


    Committed to achieve the compensation for "deprived childhood"
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Members of the Board include: 

  • Yochanan Ron – Chairman 
  • Dr. Nathan Durst – Psychologist, Vice Chairman, Coordinator of Expert committees  
  • Asher Blumberger – Chairman, Finance Committee 
  • Yechiel Frenkel – Coordinator, Holocaust survivor and Child Survivor organizations in Israel
  • Rafael Frank – Treasurer & Coordinator of the Kibbutz Child Survivors
  • Miriam Aviezer – Coordinator, international Child survivor organizations
  • Col.(Res.) Yaacov Erez – Coordinator of the Advisory Board  
  • Ettie Pollack – Coordinator: member's relation and communication
  • CPA Benjamin Keren – Controller 
  • Eti Erez   
  • Benjamin Dauber 
  • Legal advisor: Advocate Ram Efrati 
  • Comptroller Motti Adgami, CPA

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