Lost Childhood
Holocaust Child Survivors


    Committed to achieve the compensation for "deprived childhood"
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Main objectives

To obtain appropriate compensation from the German government for our orphaned and lost childhood brought on us, the Holocaust child survivors, by the death camps, ghetto's, persecution and hiding.
Correction of the long-standing injustice done to us as a result of the lack of formal recognition of the extreme injury caused to us as Holocaust children.
Correction of the injustice done to us, since we were prevented from claiming individual compensation due to the statute of limitations of which, because of our young age, we were unaware at the time. Later on, we just wanted to forget and to suppress the memories of these terrible events.
To obtain compensation similar to that of contemporary German war children.
Compensation for Shoa orphans whose parents were murdered and their consequent suffering.  



Establishing the basis for the claims and presenting them to the relevant bodies.
Obtaining comprehensive compensation for deprived childhood.

Obtaining compensation for the murder of the orphans' parents.
Cancellation of the statute of limitations regarding individual claims that were and will be submitted to the German Federal Republic by the child survivors.

Striving to have representatives of Lost Childhood participate, in proportion to their number in the total group of survivors, in organizations dealing with the Holocaust and with compensation of Holocaust victims.

Cooperation with child survivor organizations worldwide.

Taking steps to improve the living conditions of Holocaust child survivors by: initiating legal, organizational, public and other actions to ensure that all Holocaust child survivors will be granted suitable economic conditions so that they will be able to live respectfully the rest of their life. 


All of the above is to atone for the injustice done to our generation by neglecting to take care of the compensation that we are rightfully entitled to receive from the German Federal Republic.

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